Other Products and Services

Elixir Signs provides a broad range of products and services to support our clients’ goals. From laser and vinyl sticker cutting to UV printing, we’re well-equipped to achieve successful marketing campaigns.

Design and Build Signage

Let Your Marketing Tools Standout

We provide services such as laser cutting, vinyl sticker cutting, and UV printing that offers cost-effective ways for brands to reach a wider audience. With our state-of-the-art equipment, Elixir Signs can execute intricate designs in a variety of materials and deliver quality results.


Safety Guaranteed

We go beyond providing marketing tools to take our clients’ business to the next level.  Elixir Signs manufactures cost-effective convex mirrors that are used as surveillance devices and blind spot mirrors to avoid accidents and deter theft in shops. We also produce traffic safety and parking mirrors that are strategically positioned outdoors to prevent road accidents.